Kraft Paper Bags

As we enter the new century, we see a new trend and usage of biodegradable and renewable materials. Among them is paper and the allied. Countries, Institutions and people are searching for alternatives in packaging and that is where paper fits really well as it combines the historical tradition of our ancestors and the future of innovation and potential as it consists of efficiency, environmental sustainability and elegance.

We are manufacturers and Exporters of Kraft Paper Bags. Our bags are made from high quality Indian paper as well as Imported Paper from Canada and the USA.

In Indian Paper, our paper range starts from 80GSM and goes till 120GSM. We choose the best paper suited for the sizes. All our raw materials are tested in NABL ISO 17025 Laboratories.

We manufacture the following sizes:

Width (Inches) Height (Inches) Gusset (Inches) Pieces / Kg (100GSM)
3.00” 6.00” 2.00” 201 Pieces
3.50” 8.00” 2.50” 123 Pieces
3.75” 8.00” 3.00” 119 Pieces
3.50” 10.00” 2.50” 101 Pieces

PS: 1 Inch = 25.4 mm

In addition to this we also manufacture custom sizes according to the buyers market.

Our different ready made sizes

A view of our sample paper bag

A video of our production

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Bag Sizes: